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Time Chapter Image Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Translatable Expect for Coloring || Easy to Intermediate

First I should explain what is a “Chapter Image”? A Chapter Image is very common on graphics forums and fanfiction sites and normally paired with “Banners”. They are like mini blends at the size of 380×300 and banners would be 700×110. I think of them in a completely different terms than blends though, because I and most do not see them the same way. If you look in my Graphics section you will see a little selection of them. They are banner’s counterpart, while the banner gives an overall feel of the fanfiction or story the chapter image give a more shorter summary of what is happening in the chapter, either the theme, a part, or the main character/s. A lot of time I do not make these for my own writing because they are not long enough to have a chapter image. So I like to focus on a story/tv show I have read and given my own view of what is happening. Some times I focus on a ship, a moment in the story, or a character it really depends.

I normally will only put “chapter one/two/etc” if I am actually writing it for a fanfiction or story if not then I do not. A little more history on Chapter Images and Banners is that they started on Harry Potter Fanfiction.

Make sure you are picking stocks, texture, models, etc that work together. Not only theme-wise, but emotion and story wise to. You shouldn’t have a happy model and sad text unless you plan on manipulating the model.

Before we start here are some examples of chapter images.
one two three four five

Now that I am finished with the history lesson, here’s the tutorial 🙂

This one I started out with the model, normally I start with a stock, but either way the first placement in the said graphic creates the focus that we will use.

1. Open up your canvas 380×300.
2. Paste your model and hard cut them, and then place them where you want the focus to be. Bottom center is always a good place to go, but seen I always focus on the bottom center and it becomes to comfortable to do that so I like to always get outside my comfort zone and stretch my skills so to speak. So my focus is off center, which is not much difference, but when you are making a CI, it is 🙂
3. Paste your 1st stock, resize and place on the bottom of the canvas under the model, hard cut.
4. Paste the 1st cutout, duplicate twice and place the first one on screen, and the second on soft light, merge both to the original layer and desaturate, resize and place in front of the 1st stock, but behind the model.
5. Paste the 2nd stock image and place it under the first cutout, and resize. Center it behind the model and hard cut it. Duplicate it, multiply, and merge it down.
6. Paste the 3rd stock image twice once on the left side behind the model, and the 2nd on the right on top of the model, then adjust it with hue/saturation. Blues -100 saturation.
7. Paste the 4th stock image behind all the other layers at the bottom.
Duplicate it and place on multiply 50%, merge down.
Adjust > Color Balance > Midtones -12 / 18 / 23
Adjust > Saturation/Hue > -50 Saturation
8. Paste 2nd cutout, reisze, and remove from model and hubcap.
Adjust > Saturation/Hue > Yellow -100
9. Paste 3rd cutout, reisze, and remove from model and hubcap, and slightly motion blur it.
Adjust > Saturation/Hue > have colorize clicked, hue 0, saturation 86.
10. Paste 4th cutout on top of the first stock, and resize.
Adjust > Saturation/Hue > Saturation -57
11. Paste 5th cutout, resize, and place it where it looks like it’s going around the model.
12. Paste 6th stock, and use only the rose part, place it in random size on the fifth cutout.
13. Add a new color balance layer
Midtone: 0 / -29 / 0
14. Merge Visible
15. Add PSD on 30%
16. Add PSD on 50%
17. Add PSD on 50%
18. Add PSD on 50%
19. Duplicate the merged layer bring to the top, and saturated and place on soft light.
20. Copy merge, and paste as the new layer and then use the burn tool to create tears, 2-10px brush.
21. Add Text.
22. Add texture, and place it on softlight. (by Evey@DA)
23. Merge and Smart Sharpen. Done 🙂

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