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Love Is Zero – Making an Icon Set Tutorial

Making an Icon Set Tutorial

Making an Icon Set Tutorial
Photoshop CS2 / Non-translatable / SC / Easy

You can duplicate these steps using different models, textures, and etc and come up with your own icon set. 🙂

  1. Open up your canvases. 100×100 4-20 each place them next to each other.
  2. Place your models.
    Make the model placements interesting, and vary sizes of the models. Opposite to all middle crops and them being all the same size. A good rule of thumb is 1/3 large, medium, and small.
    See this is an all middle crop. 🙁
    A good what to vary model placement is to use the rule of thirds.
  3. Hard cut all the models.
  4. Paste icon texture behind models. x_cielogris@DA
  5. Adjust > Color Balance on the model 18 / 0 -27
    and Brightness/Contrast +15 on the models that need it.
  6. Add each of the following textures on behind the model on soft light.
    1st icon2nd icon3rd icon4th icon5th icon6th icon
    All by x_cielogris@DA
  7. Then add the following textures behind the models
    1st icon – Multiply by lookslikerain@DA
    2nd icon – softlight – inverted/negative image by lookslikerain@DA
    3rd icon – softlight 50% by x_cielogris@DA
    4th icon – softlight – invert/negative image by lookslikerain@DA
    5th icon – skip
    6th icon -softlight -desaturate by x_cielogris@DA
  8. Paste this texture by x_cielogris@DA in various place in the set, on and behind the model, making different squares and rectangle.
  9. Paste this cutout on the set resizing, rotating, and placing it in different places, on top of the model, behind the model, etc.
  10. Paste this texture on top of all the icons in the set placing it on soft light. Might need to be lighten on some of the models faces.
  11. Add this psd on 50% by tanja92@DA
  12. Add text to at least half the icons but no more than 3/4.
  13. Sharpen if needed.
    done 🙂

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