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Love Is Zero – Simple Icon Enhancement Tutorial

Simple Icon Enhancement Tutorial

Simple Icon Enhancing Tutorial
Paint Shop Pro 9 / Translatable / Easy

When working with certain images or screencaps enhancing is very important. Especially when you are using textures or coloring on top of them. A lot of the times textures, and coloring will bring out the worst before the good, so it’s important that it looks good before you start the iconing process. The easy way to do that is a simple enhancement, and there are a million ways to do that depending on the picture. I’m showing you one way. In general process is screen layers, levels layers, color balance layers, and channel mixer layers. However, every picture is different and so will the process.
1. Crop and prep icon 100×100. This is your base.
2. Duplicate the base and place on screen on 50%.
3. Add a new levels layer
RGB: 0/1/168
Red: 3/1/249
Green: 6/1/242
Blue: 0/1/247
4. Add a new channel mixer layer
Red: 137/-51/100
Blue: -42/44/100
Place on 64%
Now your done, you can either stop and sharpen or continue on to textures 🙂
Placed all on screen 100%

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