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Love Is Zero – Return to Me Banner Tutorial

Return to Me Banner Tutorial

Return to Me Banner Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Translatable || SC || Easy

First of all, what is a “Banner”, banner ia s story for “Story Banner” a 700×110 graphic use for depicting a story or fanfiction. When you look at them they should tell you a story. They are like headers but the size of 700×110. I think of them in a completely different terms than headers though, because I and most do not see them the same way. If you look in my Graphic section you will see a little selection for them.

I will normally will put a quote and/or the title on the banner. If I am not making a banner for an actual story or fanfiction than I will still use the banner to create some type of story even if it’s not a real one. A little more history on Banners is that they started on Harry Potter Fanfiction. If you notice in my writing section, most of my fanfictions and stories have banners.

Make sure you are picking stocks, texture, models, etc that work together. Not only theme wise, but emotion and story wise to. You shouldn’t have a happy model and sad text unless you plan on manipulating the model.

Before we start here are some examples of banners.
one two three four five

Now that I am finished with the history lesson, here’s the tutorial 🙂

*All stocks from Weheartit, PNG from Ghislaine, Texture from Me (made for the tutorial), PSD from mockinglove@DA, and art-psds-junk@DA.

  1. Open up your canvas 700×110.
  2. Paste your first stock and hard cut it.
  3. Then paste and hard cut both of your models. Resize if needed. I am using the first stock to choose where I am placing my focus. Adjust models if needed.
  4. Paste your second stock in the middle and hard cut it. Place it under your first stock.
  5. Paste your third stock on the right side, and then duplicate it and place it on the other and flip it horizontal, and blending it down with a soft eraser brush. Make sure it’s your last layer.
  6. Paste your fourth stock, resize it, and do the same thing as before, but make sure it’s on top of the third stock, and place it on screen. Erase it from the sides on the dark mountains.
  7. Paste your 1st cutout make sure it’s over your fourth stock, resize it. Then duplicate it and place it on the other and flip it horizontal, so that it is framing the first 2 stocks and models. Merge both cutouts together and then adjust it with hue/saturation. Hue -17, and saturation -37.
  8. Use the selection tool, or shape tool to make two side borders. Use any color that is already in the banner.
  9. Add a color balance layer.
    Midtones: -18 / +11 / +1
  10. Add this Texture on screen, erase from models face.
  11. Add this PSD.
  12. Add text.
  13. Add the same texture as before on soft light.
  14. Add this PSD on 50%.
  15. Merge and smart sharpen. & Done 🙂

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