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Love Is Zero – Simple Fansite Header Tutorial

Simple Fansite Header Tutorial

Simple Fansite Header Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 / Non Translatable / SC / Intermediate

This is actually a new version of my old tutorial, not a video, it’s better and easier to understand.

  1. Open up your canvas 900×500.
  2. Fill with a light color, I choose blue, but choose what will fit with what picture or theme you are choosing.
  3. Hard cut your model and paste on canvas.
  4. Add a new layer under the model and add the bubble brush in 5th pack on my Brush page. place on soft light, and then duplicate and lower to 50%.
  5. Add a white rectangle under the bubble brushes, and lower opacity to 28%
  6. Paste under rectangle layer this skyline stock twice side by side, desaturate, and use a large soft erase brush to fade the edges, and place on 50%.
  7. Use a small paint brush and color over teeth and whites of eyes with white, blur and place on soft light 50%.
  8. Use a small paint brush and color over eyes with whatever eye color the model has and place on dodge 10%.
  9. Use a large paint brush to add white orbs in 3 random spots around the model place on 58%.
  10. Use a large paint brush to add orbs in random place on canvas and model I used shades of blue, place on screen.
  11. Add PSDs
    1st one by WorldPSDs place on 50%
    2nd one by KrypteriaHG@DA place on 50%
  12. Add Text
  13. Merge and Smart Sharpen on default settings.

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