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Love Is Zero – Manipulation Fansite Header Tutorial

Manipulation Fansite Header Tutorial

Manipulated Fansite Header Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 / Non-translatable / SC / Intermediate

This is actually the new version of my old tutorial, this one is not on video, easier to understand, and better.

  1. Open up your canvas 900×500.
  2. Take your wood texture and use it as the floor. Rotate it 90 degrees. Then desaturate it.
  3. Duplicate it twice and place both on multiply.
  4. Put a black to white gradient over it on soft light 50%
  5. Merge those layers together.
  6. Take the space not covered by the wood texture and fill it with a dark gray on a new layer.
  7. Put a white to black gradient over it on soft light 50% and merge down
  8. Then use a default striped pattern over it and place it on dodge 24% and merge down
  9. Hard cut and resize couch and paste in the middle of the floor.
  10. Hard cut the table and paste it in front of the couch.
    Adjust > hue/saturation > cyan -100 saturation
  11. Hard cut the ceiling and then paste it at the top left and extent it to the right and left. Adjust > hue/saturation > -100 saturation.
  12. Hard cut 1st window with the curtains and place it in the middle behind the couch. Adjust > hue/saturation > red -100 saturation & magenta -100 saturation. Then adjust > brightness/contrast > brightness -18 and contrast 17. The adjust > hue/saturation > cyan -59 saturation & blue -26 saturation.
  13. Hard cut the 2nd Window and duplicate it and place it on each side of the room. Both slightly behind the couch. Merge down. Adjust > brightness/contrast > brightness -109 and contrast 41 and place it on 58%. Adjust > hue/saturation > yellow 167 hue.
  14. Hard cut light and duplicate and make it look like it is hanging from the ceiling but drawing a cord with the pentool. merge both layers together.
  15. Paste this plant cutout by me on both sides of the room and resize. Adjust > hue/saturation > -35 saturation
  16. Cutout and paste your model. Adjust and resize as needed.
  17. Add text.
  18. Add laptop cutout and put a picture of your model in it and resize and adjust as needed.
  19. Use paint brush using yellow and paint over the lights, lower opacity to 32% and then duplicate and place on dodge 6%.
  20. Use this PSD on 80%
  21. Merge and Smart sharpen on default setting.
  22. Duplicate and sharpen only the windows on the side. merge and done:)

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