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Love Is Zero – Pretending Blend Tutorial

Pretending Blend Tutorial

Pretending Blend Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 | Translatable | easy/intermediate |  SC

Like my other 2 blend tutorials, I like to intertwine models,and stocks when creating the composition and focus. For this blend I started with the models, but normally I start with stocks. It’s important for the focus to be tight, so I knew once I pasted the models that it would be off center near the bottom, but it was also important to have an equal amount of positive and negative space. If you do not know positive space is when the canvas is full, but that does not mean chaotic or messy, it’s full in a way that tells the story of the blend with all the elements. Negative space is when most of the canvas is clear,but that doesn’t mean blank, it just mean clean and simple, but that can include textures and patterns

*note most stocks, and pngs need to be resized.

  1. Open up your canvas, mine is 700×500.
  2. Paste your first model slightly off center, and paste your second model slightly overlapping on the right side. Hard cut both.
  3. Paste your first stock on top of the 2 models in the middle of them, and hard cut it.
  4. Paste your 3rd model on top of your first stock, and hard cut them.
  5. Paste your 1st Png behind and centering your models and stock.
  6. Paste your 2nd Png behind and centering your models, stock, and the 1st png.
  7. Hard cut your 2nd Stock and place it behind everything else along the bottom of the canvas.
  8. Paste your 3rd cutout, and place it behind the 3rd model.
  9. Paste your 4th cutout, and place it on top of the last png but behind the 3rd model.
  10. Paste your 3rd stock behind everything else.
  11. Now if need adjust your models, or stocks/pngs.
    Like I use curves to light my models, and color balance to add more, red, and yellow.
  12. Paste your 1st texture on top of everything, and soft blend it where it’s not majorly on the model (off the faces is a must), to create a misty look.
  13. Add PSD, and lower to 50%.
  14. Add text.
  15. Add PSD (first one)
  16. Add 2nd texture, and place on soft light.
  17. Smart sharpen, merge done 🙂

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