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Love Is Zero – Tutorials


All the following tutorials are made by me Tiffany, they are all mostly composition based tutorials, and they are all based off the type of graphics that I do. They are sorted by graphic type and will be largely educational, in ones that are bigger composition based, I try to explain why I do things. Do not redistribute these, but also have fun and ask questions!


Model Behavior Icon Tutorial
Party Hard Icon Tutorial
Simple Icon Enhancement Tutorial
Making an Icon Set
Etheral Love Icon Tutorial


I Knew I Loved You Signature Tutorial
Will Remember Signature Tutorial


Return to Me Banner Tutorial
Legacy of the Light Banner Tutorial
The Black Effect Banner Tutorial

chapter images

Time Chapter Image Tutorial
Trust Nothing Chapter Image Tutorial


Manipulation Fansite Header Tutorial
Simple Fansite Header Tutorial


I Am Blend Tutorial
Pretending Blend Tutorial
Secret Blend Tutorial


Making Patterns
Making Textures
Working with Screencaps

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