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Secret Blend Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Translatable || SC || Easy

Resources to Use
(*note* It’s more creative if you use your own stocks and textures, but these are here for reference, don’t use every stock or texture I am.)
(credits for stocks, and some textures from sp, 2 lighting texture from Evey-v@DA, and 1 texture from krypteriahg@DA, credits for PSDs krypteriahg@DA, heartswell@DA, & picanta@DA)
Textures – 1 2 3 4 5 6
Stocks – 1 2 3 4 5 6
Model – 1 2
PSDs – 1 2 3

*part one composition*
This is what makes up the background, mainly. When choosing stocks and texture make sure they are similar and will blend together. For example collage textures and stocks do not really go together.

1. Open up a new canvas 700×500.
2. Fill the canvas with black.
3. Resize and paste the 1st stock image, and place it in the middle.
4. Resize and paste the 2nd stock image, and place it in the middle. Then soft blend it where you only see the door.
5. Resize and paste the 1st texture, then soft blend it where you only see the texture on the side edges.
6. Merge, this is your new base.

7. Paste 2nd texture and place on screen.
8. Paste the 3rd-6th stock and blend them all together, merge them, make sure they are desaturated, and place on screen. Like so.

9. Fill with #0a050a and place on burn 20%
10. Paste the 3rd texture, rotate 90 degrees to the left, and place on screen.
11. Paste the 4th texture, desaturate, and place on multiply.
12. Duplicate the base, bring to the top, and place on soft light.

*part two adding models, texts, and the rule of thirds*
Rules of thirds, while I do not always follow this, it is a good way to fill up a blend, or banner, or figuring out where you should place models or text. You want to choose a clear focus point, this will be the first thing that catches your eye, and build upon that, this is also where you can use the rule of thirds, or build a upon it. When choosing models and texture, you want to choose a focus point, and be able to use your models and text to enhance that, whether you use the rule of thirds or not.
Template for rule of thirds for a 700×500 canvas

13. Resize, then hard cut first mode and place it in the middle slightly off center to the left. Make that layer a group layer, then add a levels layer.
RBG:: 33.1.255 place opacity on 44%
14. Hide that last layer, copy merge, and unhide last layer, the paste as new layer. Then soft blend it off of the model, where it looks whispy, and like she belongs more in the background.
14. Paste the 2nd model, and place the face where it is on the right side of the first model, and soft blend all where you only see the face, place on 30% opacity, and duplicate it and place it on soft light 100% opacity.
15. Add text.
I used lyrics from the song Secret by The Pierces.
I used the font Crime Time Six, size 48 for “Secret” and place it on the right side of the first model, and under the 2nd model.
I used the Arial Unicode MS, size 8, all caps for “BUT NO ONE KEEPS A” and placed the on the left side of the first model, near the head.

*part three adding lighting texture*
This is not a real section, but it goes on top of the text and models. I like to add lighting textures on everything because it give it more of a edge and pronounced effect. If you add them do add them before coloring, after models and text. Before coloring because it will change the coloring if you add it on top and not normally in a good way, but if you add it on top of the text and models it helps it fit into the blend. If it’s too heavy you can always change the opacity to lower or use a low opacity brush and erase it from certain areas.

16. Add the 5th & 6th textures, and place it on soft light.

*part four coloring & finishing touches*
17. Add the 1st psd and place it on 50%.
18. Add the 2nd psd and place it on 40%.
19. Add the 3rd psd and place it on 50%.
20. Add a hue/saturation layer.
Red: -19 saturation.

Now I like the coloring but the main models face looks very harsh.
21. Add a new raster layer, and use the paint brush and place it over the skin, make sure it is only on the skin, and erase from the eyes, eyebrows, and some shadows. Place it on soft light, 52%
22. Copy merge, paste as new layer, and blur it, then mask it and only keep it on a little on the skin, and then place on 50%.
23. Add credit if you want.
24. Copy merge, paste on sharpen, and lower it to 60%, and I erased it from the text “secret”.
25. Merge and done 🙂

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