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Love Is Zero – Will Remember Signature Tutorial

Will Remember Signature Tutorial

Will Remember Signature Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Translatable Expect for Coloring || Easy

texture1 texture2 texture3 texture4

|1. open up your canvas 500X200 and change the background color #8B2E88
2. Paste your first model and resize and place them
3. Hard cut the model
(prep if needed mine didn’t need it)

4. Add first texture under the model and place on softlight
5. Add second texture on top of the first texture and place on softlight 50%
6. Add third texture on top of the second texture and place on softlight

7. Add text
main text is Arial
sub text is Times New Roman
*I added a small box under the sub text

8. Add the fouth texture and place it on screen and erase the edges on top
9. Paste the same texture on top and move it so that it is in a different place, and use the paint brush and paint the edges black and place on softlight

10. The coloring psd the has multipe colorings, I will mention the ones I used.
(It’s the only coloring psd in the pack that is linked, the coloring psd just has multiple colorings)
*first coloring was lights and dust placed on 50%
*second coloring was feel galore placed on 50%
* third coloring was soul sister placed on 50%
11. Smart Sharpen
Amount 50% and Radius 0.5
and done

evey-v@DA | weheartit

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