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Love Is Zero – Trust Nothing Chapter Image Tutorial

Trust Nothing Chapter Image Tutorial

Truth Nothing Chapter Image Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Translatable Expect for Coloring || Easy

model1 model2
texture1 texture2 texture3
coloring1 coloring2

  1. Open up your canvas at 380×300
  2. Paste your first model and resize and place them
  3. Hard cut the model
  4. Prep model if needed, all I did here was was brighten the eyes.
    this depends on your model used, so this model was already looked balanced and normalized, I just like eyes being more noticeable. That wasn’t really needed, it’s just something I like.
  5. Paste your second model and resize and place them
  6. Hard cut the model
  7. Prep model,t his one needed a lot of prepping. I used levels, and just color layers mostly to make it look like this model was from the same scene as the first one. When that was done, I used the soften brush to soften him, because the picture at the balance I needed it was grainy.
  8. Paste the first stock under the models
  9. Now paste the first again on top of the models and make it into a mask layer. Then it look like around the models as if they aren’t sticking out of the background, and as if the hand is trying to grab the models. The hand should be solid but there shouldn’t be too much of that stock on the models face, it should look clean and not like it’s been blended messy.
  10. Add a new raster layer on top and use one of the dark colors and used the paint brush and go over softly over the hand.
  11. Add the second stock on top and place it on softlight 30% and erase it from the middle make sure it’s not covering the models or the hand.
  12. Add the first texture and erase all but the sides and place it on softlight, then duplicate it.
    *I didn’t decide to duplicate this until the end, and the duplication makes it show up a lot more.
  13. Add main text
    Large text was Code Light and small text was Colonna MT
  14. Add the second texture and place it on softlight, desaturate it.
  15. Add the third texture, resize and place it on softlight 50% and erase it from the models’ faces.
  16. Add coloring1 on 100%
  17. Add coloring2 on 100%
  18. Add the subtext
    it was Georgia
    19.Smart Sharpen
    Amount 50% and Radius 0.5
  19. This is really if needed, but on the smaller model the face is very light and hard to see, it make the image quality questionable, so I copy the whole thing, and place it on multiply 40% and only keep it on the small model’s face.

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