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I have always meant to come back sooner, but life really does get in the way, it’s been a long two years and most of it not good. I did become the assistant manager at my job, which I loved the paperwork aspect of it because working with computers and data processing is fun and easy. However, while we got some really good people working there after the firing and quitting, some was not awesome at all. So, it was stressful and not fun. Especially when I had a lot to do, plus my basic job, then I had to pick up all of the extra slack. You can only yell at someone so many times for doing what they get paid to do when you don’t have the power to fire them, and even the manager has to go through the office and get their permission.

So, some of the bad people that we got. Person A, not only did he never shower he never did his job, he would flirt with customers and it was weird because they weren’t creeped out mostly confused. He was in love with a random girl who was a drunk, who he paid for her to get a hotel room so she wouldn’t try to walk to the next town over. So, he was a sweet nice guy, because we talked about it and he thought it was crazy that another person thought that he would take advantage of her. I liked him as a person, but not a co-worker.

Then we had another guy, he was misogynic and thought that he knew everything. He did work, but not up to my standards, especially since he would not stay on the register and wanted to leave when customers came up. So, it made it hard for me to do my job. Not only that he was hostile, and came to work drunk with is why get got fired. He would eat McDonald’s every night and then either get sick and say he would never eat it again, or complain how I was being unhealthy by drinking diet coke. He also would insult my veganism, I won’t say a thing about what you’re putting in your mouth if you don’t say anything about what plants I put in mine.

After that, we hired a girl who knows the job very well and did the work. Not up to my standard, but very few do. However, she was stealing cartons of cigarettes plus more.

So, we were able to hire a really awesome guy, loved him he was great. The only problem with him was his piece of shit girlfriend. She wanted to hang out at the store when he worked, which I said was allowed. She would try to do his job for him. No one like this girl. Also, she was my age but she looked like she was closer to 60 because of the drugs she does. She would purposely try to start fights with me and other co-workers because she had the brains of a child. She would insult me and others. It’s cool though because I got her arrest record and bitch don’t want to mess with me. She screwed over her boyfriend so hard, and everyone wished he would get rid of her because he was too good for her.

She purposely made her boyfriend pay for a bus ticket so she could supposedly see a daughter, and she had him pay for a ticket to come home and didn’t get on the train because wanted to say there and do drugs. She said she missed it and said she talked to a friend to pick her up. When he talked to those people, they didn’t even know she ‘missed’ the train. This poor guy didn’t even have food for the next week because of her, so at that was after the flood so I had a lot of can food and I gave it to him. Then, I like this guy but he such a doormat still went to rescue her and took her back. Apparently, now he is lying to his friends and family about them being together, which is crazy because he is in his 40’s. She has also personally stole from me, she is a thief.

Then we had the pervert, I was the boss and I was very uncomfortable being around him and it stressed me out and gave me major anxiety. Most, I would ignore and play stupid when he would say things to me, but I should have to. I don’t go to work to get sexually harassed and either did my co-worker, sadly I still did not have any real power there to do anything about it except to say that is inappropriate and problematic. Then I started getting messages from him while he was on the clock that proved him being inappropriate and they were forward from my boss to the district manager but nothing was nothing. A co-worker’s friend was sent messages while he was still on the clock and they were so much worse than what I got, my friend so started messaging me about the harassment she got everytime she seen him at the store. My boss, of course, took it to the district manager, but nothing was done. My neighbor had something truly disgusting said to her, and funny enough my dad was there to witness it. When her husband called up the office and wanted to get a lawyer they still did nothing. They did not care about their female worker’s safety or their customers, and they did not think that sexual harassment was a big deal.

One night when I was in the cooler stocking, I fell off a shitty ladder and messed up my bad knee.

Then one day my boss had me come in on my time off, which was weird because something big was happening. They (district manager and his girlfriend) were going through everything on a witch hunt. Then by the end of the day, I was put in charge in charge, without the power and the pay raise I never got for even being the assistant manager for months. I was “told” that there was money missing, and it was ‘this’ amount, and that was the boss still had a chance to come back since he didn’t steal it. I told them about the one guy’s girlfriend and how when no one was there she would be hanging out and going into employee-only spaces, how she did steal from me, and she has a history of crime. At this point, I did not know that they were lying to me.

So, district manager’s second girlfriend showed up the next day she cleared out the office at one point the office desk was completely empty, and at this point, I am the one with the safe keys. She started saying things that did not align with what I was told yesterday. I was going back and telling my boss everything I have been told and overheard. I was loyal to him not to the company. So, I had to come back in a few hours layer to work my regular midnight shift, when I went to write the deposit slip I did not know where they were because everything was moved around, so I had to search. So, either the district manager or one of his girlfriends hid it in the office.

They were never going to allow the boss to come back, they lied about the amount of money going missing, and more. They gave me all the keys so that they could collect the hidden money, and I would get blamed. They set me up, I just got very lucky, because they already did the same thing to the boss. They stole all that money and they got away with it, they just did not get away with blaming me. After my shift I went home and cried, I had been loyal them for years and so did the boss, and that is what they do to us, they did us dirty. These few days I had been sick, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, stressing out, etc. So, you can’t imagine how much was lift off of my shoulders when I quit.

I then told all my co-workers the truth because I knew this company would tell lies because companies these can’t be trusted. So, we had eight co-workers besides me and the boss. Two quit on the spot, 1 stopped showing up to work, and another quit after the weekend. They were left with the bottom of the barrel, and the district manager and an employee from another store had to come and work that night, the district manager had to actually work.

Legally, I can’t name this company or I could be sued, I sign a contract about how I can’t talk negatively about them on social media or through other websites. That doesn’t stop them from lying to my friends the regulars up there. I had a few of the regular customers that the boss and I was close too go up there and cuss out the district manager and they all said that they never go back there. Lol, I felt so loved. I’d had customers come up to me and tell me they hate the store now, and how horrible the store is being run. I certainly have not been in the store since the day I quit. I hope my stapler isn’t still up there, they just don’t deserve to use. haha

If all this bullshit wasn’t enough my house was flooded during the hurricane and the trailer was ruined. The floor was unsafe, a tree fell on the roof, and so much was ruined and lost. Not only that at one point my dad fell off the roof, and another he fell through the back steps that we didn’t know was messed up in the storm. He had stepped on them and messed up his leg. FEMA also didn’t do much, our neighbors all got visited and got more from them than we did and their homes weren’t damages as bad as ours. In fact, one of the neighbors with the money get got from them that was supposed to fix his house he bought a van and a gun. We couldn’t afford to say in a hotel, we ended up having to say in the house that was unsafe to live in until we got funds to knock it down and replace it. While the neighbors got a paid-for hotel.

Then, I was able to visit my twin in California, I had so much fun. So much there, and so much is vegan-friendly. I taught her how to make rice in the microwave, and how to make vegan sushi. After that, I visited my little sisters at that their home. I got to meet my nephew C, and I knew him for about a week. Two days before he turned five months he died from SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His mother (my little sister) and I tried to give him CPR, but he still died. He was so perfect too, why did it have to be him. I thought that there was more time, I thought that I had more time. Of course, C’s dad side of the family who never gave two shits about his (except for his grandma on that side) made the funeral all about them. How can people be so selfish? That also didn’t stop the sperm donor for blaming my sister and trying to make her life worse, when really he should be looking in the mirror saying I wish I didn’t decide to be a deadbeat dad.

Then two months later my uncle died.

Last year was hell, is this year going to be the same? So, far it isn’t looking good.

Some slightly good news, but hey at this point I will take what I can get. My little sister’s friend I talked to her about veganism when I went to visit my little sister before C, and from that one conversation, she went mostly vegan. I just love the positive effect that my veganism is having on people. I had an old co-worker call himself a part-time vegan because he loved the vegan food I made him so much, and while a lot of people don’t like the part-time term, it’s planting a seed that wasn’t there before.

So, about two months ago a dog was dumped off where I live, and it was days from dying. The neighbors fell in love with him and took him in. Then a day or two later another dog was dumped in another neighbors yard and they claimed that one. Both of these dogs were hurt, not feed, and abused. Who does that to a precious animal that can’t defend themselves?

Love is Zero will be much more personal at this point, there will still be graphics and resources as that is still me, but graphics is an art and art is something that you have to make when you feel emotionally right, so that is not a lot lately. There will probably be more writing too. Also, I need affiliates, so if you want to be one let me know.


I am a millennial female and proud of it! From the state that's called the armpit of the south and the sunshine state. I'm a wannabe writer and artist, who likes blogging, and anything DYI. Is fandom trash and lives to ship fictional characters together. Favorite fruit is lemon, loves veggie sushi, and I am always carb loading.

"We are all earthlings." -Joaquin Phoenix (Earthlings, 2005)

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