Your pretty words are meaningless

Posted on Tuesday, Jan. 29th 2019 4:47 AM | by Tiffany

The past week has been a long week, and I think some people just like to be bad people to be honest. It just sucks when before all this I thought that they were a decent human being, but it turns out that they are a lying pile of dog shit. I don’t get that how can someone call themselves a good person and do all this damage? Good people don’t do this. Good people don’t lie, they don’t steal, they don’t make themselves look like a good person by making someone else look bad, they don’t make their own version of events, they don’t hurt others, they don’t manipulate, etc! How can you call yourself a good person, when your not?

Good people don’t do what you have done. That is just a fact. I was really hoping that my mom would be able to finally grieve her loss, but some people don’t want that to happen. They want to hurt her more than she has been already hurt and then try to make them out to look like a decent one. What is sad, and funny is that it’s almost like they want to pretend that people didn’t know the situation and what was really going on. Or that their dad, a lovely wonderful man who deserves more than what they are doing to his memory didn’t tell me just a little over a week before his untimely death that he wished you were more like my twin and me? He said that he wished that you didn’t look at him like cash, and he wished that you were less selfish. I remember telling me that oh no they love you, and I hope that brought him comfort, and at the time I say it I thought it was true.

I hate that this hurts my mom and siblings. I hate that you don’t care, that you would rather lie to the police, people you supposedly love, and everyone else just to make yourself look good. I hate that you post on facebook lying to make yourself look good when you were just posting about how you got possessions showing a small truth of yourself that you only care about worldly things and not the people in them. I loved how you called my mom’s things trash, oh but if they were trash why are you trying to steal them from her? Why not give them back to the person they belong too? You write these post, but people can see between the lines that you are not a good person, so stop saying you are.

Good people don’t do what you do, fact. You can pretend all you want but people are starting to see who you are? What you are doing is being an attention whore plain and simple, you don’t care about your father, especially since he was cutting you off. Also, actions speak a lot louder than words, and your actions have been appalling, and your words are all lies.

I just don’t get it, you know that these lies are going to bring out the truth, so if you are trying to fake being a good person so much, then why say them at all? These fake stories bring out the truth, especially when you can’t hide being a bad person, it comes through.

**This was just easier for me to write in the first person.

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Brandi - January 29, 2019 @ 1:54 pm

Hi Tiffany. i think people like that are just narcissistic and get a kick out of bringing people down maybe it makes them feel good? either way those type of people i like to distance myself far far away. <3 take care

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