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Everyone knows that I don’t normally make more than one blog post a week, even though last week was an exception since I let everyone know about how I broke my site (still working on that btw), but this week I am without breaking something. So, Evil Author Day happens every year on February the 15th. I don’t know who started other than it was started on Livejournal or Dreamwidth but was made popular by Keira Marcos. So, it started out as a day where writers would post the titles or descriptions of their in-process stuff and let others vote what they wanted the writer to write, but it more where writers post their in-process stuff as in small snippets. So why is it evil? That is because this might be all you see, or I might not publish it for a long time. I am super slow at writing, and even slower at typing. For more information, and more links to other people’s EAD projects see Jilly’s site.

Title: The Black Effect
Author: Tiffany
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: Teen (this is only for this entry not for the future fic)
Warnings: Descriptions of Canon-typical Violence, Character Death,
Word Count: 1292 words

31 October 1981

Sirius Black sighed as he went to check on his friend in the dark of night, because of the rational voice in his head. Now, it wasn’t like him to listen to the voice, but this time he chose to. Especially, since something wasn’t feeling right. He just hoped that he wasn’t too late in saving Peter. He was worried about his friend and troubled that Voldemort could have figured out who the real secret keeper had been.

The air almost felt like sandpaper as it slapped him in the face. As he passed the birds and the buildings. His skin felt like he had been getting a sunburn even though it was cool out. The ambient temperature of the season felt unreasonably cooler than it should, but that may have been a manifestation of how he had been feeling.

As he jumped off his motorcycle panic filled him as he reached the safe house. If there had ever been a time that he was glad that he listened to that intellectually sound voice, now was that time. When he walked into that house there was nothing that could prepare him for what he would have seen or in this case did not.

There was no mess, no Wormtail, and no sign that anyone had been living there. He had rushed over assuming that his friend was in danger. Clearly, he was wrong, this place was empty. After glazing his palm across the table in the sitting room, he knew that he made a grave mistake. With the amount of dust that had been there, Peter had not been there in weeks. In fact, Sirius was certain that wherever his friend was at this moment, he was there willingly.

In the death of night he leaped to his flying motorcycle and took to once again to the sky. He desperately raced against time to the Godric’s Hollow where one of his best friends James Potter and wife Lily Potter lived. This felt like the longest ride of his life as the wind whipped around him and slugged him in the face. The young Black had hoped that it wasn’t too late to save them.

This hopes would be in vain, as after Sirius landed he seen that the cottage or what was left of it was utterly destroyed. It killed him that he didn’t get there in time, and the Potter’s were dead. When the first tear fell it was impossible to stop the rest, his body fell forward unable to keep holding his weight any longer and his knees and arms hit the ground outside of the home as he lost himself to grief. He wished he could trade places because if anyone didn’t deserve this fate it was James and Lily. He rushed inside of the damaged cottage. Turning the corner he seen James Potter, his best friend, his brother on the stairs looking too pale.

“No, James wake up,” dropping to his knees he shook James, but it was too late.

The panic and dread that filled him at that moment had been overwhelming, it felt like he lost apart of himself. Peter would pay. There was no doubt.

It seemed like time stood still when he broke down but when his tears had faded another one’s started and time began again. Baby Harry was still alive! Sirius couldn’t believe that he could have forgotten about the youngest Potter. Rushing forward into the broken house he was able to locate him under some debris upstairs, and after brushing it away he picked up the infant. As he held him close and tried to console him, that is when he noticed the oddest scar on the infant, it was a lightning bolt. Harry looked as distraught as he felt.

After finding a blanket he used it to make a carrier to hold Harry to his chest. And he zipped up his jacket to hold him even closer to keep him safe. At this moment there was nothing more important than Prongs’s son. He needed to be the one who now took care of him. This was now his priority, and the young Black needed a plan.

That his when he noticed Prong’s wife Lily on the ground, her red hair had fallen over her face. He failed them, this was all his fault, and as much as he wanted to blame himself right now. He had more important things to do. Brushing the hair off her face to see it before he left told him one thing. Lily Potter was still alive.

‘Revenge on Wormtail would have to wait,’ Sirius thought as he apparated with his motorcycle and the last of his family.

Unbeknownst to him not long after he took to the sky another landed where he departed. The half-giant missed him by minutes and searched for the young one that he took, and when he could not find him the worst was assumed.

That night the three Potter’s were declared dead.

31 October 1982


The anniversary of You-Know-Who’s death is a upon us and our citizens could not be happier about the peach that they sought for so long. Our community is finally content without having to worry about the safety of our family and friends.

Sadly, that came at a price as the young Potter family containing the family’s patriarch James Potter, his wife Lily, and infant son Harry were killed all by You-Know-Who that fateful night. No one will ever know what they did to kill off one of the largest threats in our world, but their sacrifice will be honored by all. So, as our world celebrates our freedom, we must also mourn for the family who use to reside at a cottage at Godric’s Hollow. They will not be forgotten.

In other new, the search for Sirius Black is no longer an active case.

19 August 1987

The older man had come to the conclusion that he had been wrong about everything, and contrary to popular belief that older is wiser, sometimes older just means floogy memories and being way worn. These are things that Albus Dumbledore at times forgets about. There hadn’t been very many times that he would admit to that, and in fact it was something that he could count on his fingers. He couldn’t believe it because he had been so sure. For the first few years after Voldemort had been vanquished, Albus thought that the youngest Potter was somewhere out there. How could he not be since the Prophecy said so?

Despite the Prophecy, and all of his advanced tracking skills there had been no proof that the boy was alive at all. Unfortunately, since Voldemort’s downfall there had been no sign of life from the boy who would have been seven years old.

He had concluded that he had been wrong about many things, the Prophecy, putting the Potter’s into hiding, trusting Sirius Black, and most of all about the young Harry Potter being the one who had the power that Voldemort did not. In the beginning, he believed that either Remus Lupin or Peter Pettigrew had collected the boy before Hagrid had showed up. That had not been the case, since communicating with the both of them they confirmed the opposite, Mr. Pettigrew had been quite distraught about the whole ordeal. So, upset about his best friend and his family that Dumbledore almost thought that he need to give the young lad a calming draught, but he eventually settled down on his own.

Albus knew that Voldemort would return, and Prophecy or not, the Wizarding World needed to be ready. He needed to prepare.

Time to plan.


I am a millennial female and proud of it! From the state that's called the armpit of the south and the sunshine state. I'm a wannabe writer and artist, who likes blogging, and anything DYI. Is fandom trash and lives to ship fictional characters together. Favorite fruit is lemon, loves veggie sushi, and I am always carb loading.

"We are all earthlings." -Joaquin Phoenix (Earthlings, 2005)

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