Why misandry doesn’t exist

Posted on Tuesday, Feb. 12th 2019 9:56 PM | by Tiffany

Every time you hear someone talk about feminism or equality in any form then you hear someone normally a white guy mention misandry, and it’s always someone who doesn’t know what being a woman, racial issues, or what intersectional feminism actually means, and they always hate women and POC. In theory, misandry means the hate of men, but yet in the real world, it doesn’t exist. This is why.

It’s always used to describe women and feminist. This is used by people who don’t know what feminism is and hate women for being individuals and wanting equal rights or to discuss social issues. People who use this word don’t care about women and their issues and think that women and POC having rights means fewer rights for them when that is literally not how it works. It’s just a lot of men are so use and care so much about being superior that when people are equal to them they don’t like it.

This is use to hurt and attack women by people who want to make the feminist movement seems invalid and like it has no value. They think that if they can insult the people who support it by lying and saying the people in it support misandry than fewer people would look into it. Sadly, people don’t do their due diligence and believe this garbage. So, sad it works because people are ignorant.

Misandry cannot exist in the current climate, especially while the patriarchy is in play. While (white) men are the majority and while whitness/male qualities are seen as superior, they are preferred and loved, men cannot in any way be oppressed, therefore it is systematically impossible. The sad part is the same people who say reverse racism exists, also say that misandry exists, which both do not exist under the current climate and unless white men become the minority which is unlikely than that’s it’s not possible.

Men have systematically oppressed women and POC throughout history and still continue to do so, they are the ones in charge of making laws for women and POC so that they can keep us under them, and they shouldn’t have the authority to do so. Look at the comments and the actions of the CINC and the VP, if that doesn’t prove to use that a lot of them want to keep women and especially POC oppressed than nothing will because that is the most obvious duh.

I think that because a lot of people know that misogyny is a real thing that they assume that so much the opposite, which is actually a fair observation, but not a correct one. It’s as real as reverse racism is, which makes it pretty much make-believe. Also, the person who invented the word was an MRA, which literally means they hate women, and they made up the word to derail the feminist movement because they hate women, and that should tell you everything that you need to know.

Can prejudice against men be real? Yes, but not systemic oppression aka misandry, personal prejudice isn’t misandry or systematic. Which is why misogyny exist but misandry does not. The group (white men) in the position of power cannot be oppressed, and if they accuse t he oppressed of oppressing them for making things more equal than that doesn’t make any sense. It’s also not possible (the power being oppressed, not the power accusing the oppressed of oppressing them.) That is not to say white men can be oppressed in other ways, for example, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, etc but they cannot be oppressed because of their gender or racism. Just I have white privilege that is a fact, which is why I want to use my privilege to speak out, I cannot be oppressed because of my race. I can be oppressed due to my gender, because of fatphobia. It also why if I go out in public in my own military shirts, everyone always thanks to my non-existence husband for my fucking service, and it’s much worst for the other women I served who are women of color.

TL;DR misandry does not exist because men hold the systemic power.

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