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So, I have brought back two old blog post that I was never planning to, The Situation & Seriously? because I was lied to and lied about. I was planning on ignoring it because I honestly didn’t want to deal with all this again, but it has come to a post that I can not. I have ignored it for way too long, and honestly it’s gotten out of hand. I really should have done sooner.

Not too long ago Pim had emailed me and apologized which I still didn’t trust her but I felt at the time that her apology was sincere, but now I know it was not.
email1 email2 email3 email4

This was a woman who bashed me and my friends, who slander our names, sites, and graphics, who lied about us, because things didn’t work out exactly how she wanted them to, and now it’s happening again. I honestly let go of what she had done but she is doing it again, and it’s not okay. Especially, after I forgave her, this is literally like her spitting in my face, it’s disrespect. I just don’t take too kindly to people who lie and break their promises.

So before the new year, Pim contacted me about how she got banned from Shadowplay, she was upset because said because she requested graphics that she was owed a graphics. I let her know they probably deleted her request and let the requester know not to fill it when she was banned but she still felt entitled to it. She also tried to get me to ask a member of Shadowplay for their social media, which I said no because if they wanted that information public then they would have made it public.

About the same time, she talked about wanting to join more graphics forums so I gave her list in which I purposely left off The Graphic Games because I didn’t want her there. However, she found out about The Graphic Games anyways, I tried to discourage her not to join by saying I didn’t think that she would get request filled and it was a really small forum. She joined anyways. This was when The Graphic Games was doing their Christmas gift giving event. She of course signed up because she wanted to receive gifts, despite that it was a giving event since Christmas is all about giving not receiving.

So, when gifts didn’t come fast enough, despite she had more than others, and she had requested, however when things didn’t go the way she planned so she became ugly and lashed out. I will leave screenshots of her behavior below.

This is Sam’s Christmas tree thread
1 2 3 4 5
This is from Pim’s Christmas Tree thread
This is from Eliza’s Christmas Tree thread
1 2
This is from Maggie’s Christmas Tree thread
This is from Xandra’s Christmas Tree thread

As you can see she is being rude in her own thread and other people’s, while begging for graphics in other people’s Christmas trees, but what she doesn’t realize is that by doing that it makes everyone not want to make her anything or do anything for her. Sadly, it doesn’t end there.

In the thread RL facts she posted this, but like I already said she received more gifts in the gift giving event than a lot of people. It just astounds me how selfish some people can be. Trying to guilt trip others for no reason. Also, no one was leaving her out, since she only participated in the request section and the gift giving section, she was only about getting, and she chooses not to participate in the forum that is on her.

In her welcome thread, she shamed someone and tried to make them feel guilty because they made something for themselves, like how nasty do you have to be to tried to make someone feel bad because they wanted to make something about themselves.

That wasn’t even all, she was also in the request section where three times in a roll because this was more about her getting from the forum not giving back and become a productive member. So, on her second request, she already became demanding to someone who was doing her a favor for free. & She was already not following the rules by putting it in the wrong section, for a second time. She was corrected the first time on the first request so there was no excuse not to do it right the next time. She still did it anyway, because she doesn’t care about rules or respecting others.
1 2 3 4

Then her third request is where she gets really nasty and horrible to the person who took her request. She complains three days later about it not being done, and then on the 4th she lies and said it’s been over a week, and it has not. That is not only a lie, but it’s rude when the person making the request has two weeks to make it. Then at the end of the first week she lies again not only has it not been that long, and if it was that important she would make it herself because graphics aren’t that important. If they were she would use the ones she got that she didn’t use more than a few days.

Others have told me that they made her headers and she was ungrateful about it and didn’t use their art. This request she tries to shame another artist because they didn’t take up her request, even though a request is just that a request, not a requirement. Then she insults the forum by insinuating that we were the opposite of “nice and lively” which is a bold-faced lie and just rude. We were nicer to her than we should have been.

The artist who took her request, reopened it because Pim harrassed them so much and gave her anxiety. Why would she do this to some who is doing her a favor for free? So, knowing that the orginal artist gave up, she tagged all the active artist on the forum despite that it was against the rules, but that is because she doesn’t care. It’s about her and what she wants even in other people’s spaces. So she post crying gifs in order to make others feel bad for her, but in the end she was banned from the request section because she continuely broke the rules and respected others.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

You would think that would be all, but nope. There is so much more. She made a thread to shame the members of the forum twice because she didn’t get what she wanted.
My Current Mood thread that she started to be rude and nasty to everyone

Then she made a leaving thread, but that happened earlier, and she still stuck around to harass everyone and be horrible. Funny that she said “no one wants me happy” when she makes others unhappy and hurts them, that makes her happy to shame others because she didn’t get exactly what she wanted. “I just wanted to fit in and be happy but no one cares cause they’re too busy” That is so rude, she didn’t try to fit in, she tried to get gifts and request, she didn’t join in on the forums other activities because she wasn’t there to be a member she was there to get free things because she is selfish. She is seriously mad because people have lives outside of the internet, maybe she needs to get one? Then again a gift-giving event is about giving gifts not getting them.
1 2 3 4

Then she decided to join the forum impersonating other people in order to get more free graphics, and it’s sad how obviously she gave herself away. It’s also sad how much of a liar she is, she has been taught and help with graphics, but she choose not to try, and her trying to make people feel bad for her because she is in ‘school’ and trying to pretend like she is a little kid when that is far from the opposite. I shouldn’t be surprised since she does this all the time. I’ve even told her my graphics are far from perfect and that the more you make graphics (with an actual graphics program of course) the better you get at them, and it takes time and effort. I should have realized that anything that takes time and effort she won’t do.

If a new person joins a graphics forum than how would they know who to request for graphics? They wouldn’t they would have the request opened for anyone to take, this person did not because they were Pim, the IP proves that.
1 2 3 4 5

Wait there is more! She was also very abusive and unpleasant, would put sad face emoticons in the cbox when she didn’t get the answers that she wanted, or randomly because she wanted to be hateful. Like a few days after she joined she asked to be on staff, and when the admin said no she put a sad face like that actually hurt her when she just wants the authority to order people to make her graphics. When I told the admin Happy Birthday she had to make it all about her and try to hurt the admin because she wasn’t the center of attention. Then guilt trip people by asking to remove her gallery, it didn’t work though.

Of course, there are random sad faces to be rude and hateful. No one likes to reward bad behavior, which is why I tried not to speak out for so long. No one should be rewarding this behavior with attention, especially since that is what she wants, but sometimes you have to speak out. She also harassed her artist who took her request in the cbox as well, not only the thread. With a crying face, trying the guilt trip the artist. Then she complains because she couldn’t wait to have a request fill, so because of that the site must have we must have been unfriendly, she can’t see that it was all her.

Then she commented on the cbox as the person that she was impersonating, insinuating that she was in school by saying she was studying and acting like a child. Then on her actual account, she points out the “newbie” despite that her account is also new if she wasn’t the other account she wouldn’t be pretending to care. Then she continues to rant about how request aren’t being filled when she had two in a row filled, and then only request by her aren’t being filled, that isn’t request aren’t being filled, only that she has been banned from request and she wants to bitch about. Then she goes on about the new girl aka herself, about how she needs an icon set to use on the site. And FYI she request an icon set all 100×100, and avatars at the forum are 200×300 so she is just trying to trick people and make them feel bad for the person that she was impersonating. Make it seems like she isn’t in the wrong here when the fact is she got caught. Saying that she would rate the forum as a zero, which is wildly untrue, rude, and nasty of her.

The screenshots from the cbox, some I added contrast so that they would be more readable.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

It wouldn’t be like pim if she wasn’t bashing and lying about people outside of where the events occurred. I also know about the time she created the account for the person that she was impersonating on The Graphic Games, she did the same at Shadowplay. That is nothing new, if you look at her history with me she is always impersonating others. Lying is something that comes very easily to her and that is scary and sad. Especially, when if she lies so easily about this, what else will she lie about?

Also, she apparently did the same thing at another forum called Caution.
1 2 3

She also joined a Spanish speaking forum called Spaingfx where she was also banned.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

While all this was going on she was lying and playing the victim on her site, I think that it is really sad because she is hurting good decent people who do not deserve this at all. She calls herself a victim of bullying but never once is she one, I personally do not believe this bully has ever been bullied. In the following blog pim admits to impersonating someone else in order to join for graphics, she then complains about the free graphics that she got under a fraud account. Also at here, she is speaking well of the forum that I am a staff at The Graphic Games because she is getting free graphics.
1 2 3

In the following blogs, she changes her mind about The Graphics Games and starts to lie because her request privileges were taken away because of her own actions. No one had been being less nice to her as you can see in the other screenshots, and that she had her chance to request until she ruined it. She acts like she is entitled to graphics by us, and that it isn’t our choice in what we do, it’s her’s.
1 2

Then of course she starts playing the victim as if it was her signature style, and to make the other feel bad for her. I can’t believe anything that she said anymore, especially because she harasses, bullies, and lies to hurt others when she doesn’t get her way and to fit her own narrative. It’s not at all okay. No one has bullied her online that I can say for sure, I also don’t think she has ever been bullied, she is the bully. For a fact you can see that everyone, (including myself through facebook) was extremely helpful, way more than what was required and hat we should have been. When she said our niceness didn’t last long, she really meant her own, because pim is not a nice person. As proven through the screenshots.

Then she flat out admits that she only joined The Graphic Games and Shadowplay for the graphics and that she feels entitled to them. She also lies again like it is going out of style about the forums attitudes when in truth it was her. I think that it is sad that continuously plays the victim, lies, and does all this stuff for what reason? I don’t get it. It just proves that she tries to fraud The Graphic Games into giving her more graphics.

I’ve also heard it from someone at Shadowplay that she stalked and harassed one of the members there whom she tried to get me to give her that member’s personal information. She has also done the same to the admins there so they have the right to block, though they don’t need a reason, this is not new behavior from her, this is a pattern. So, I believe them, all the victims of this.

Here she is talking about joining Caution to the Wind for free graphics, then getting free graphics and then insulting them/the artist. The artist who made the free graphics is amazing and she can’t hold a candle to them, so if she wants to insult others then she shouldn’t ever be requesting anything, and she should only make her own graphics. This is obvious disrespect that she shows others, she shows it by also respecting rules of them and other people. She thinks she is owed other people’s time, and that they have an obligation to give her whatever she wants just because she wants it, and that is not okay. She thinks that she granted to have free graphics, none of this is okay. That forum is straight up right a request is just that a request, not a requirement or obligation. If anyone requests anything that doesn’t mean that anyone has to do shit for them, that is just how it is. Unless the said person is paying for it, and even then it can still be turned down. Anyone is allowed to turn down customers for any reason, especially as an artist and/or designer.

The rest is just pim talking about how much she loves all the artist on deviantART.
1 2

In the following blog she said that people at DeviantART started not to be nice anymore when they choose not to make her free graphics anymore. We already know that it’s not them, it’s her, and it’s her pattern. Then she mentions that she stalks people on DeviantART who block her, that is proof of her true nasty personality. Then lastly, she starts being clearly rude and disrespectful towards the forums that she was banned at, this shows and proves she is the bully.
1 2 3

She admits to installing blocks to keep other countries off her site, like how does that not sound like racism? Then she talks about hostile people who are hurting her, yet no one tries to do anything to her it’s the other way around. Plus, she only said these things about people when she can’t get what she wants from them anymore, it’s shows that she is just a liar and she lies all the time, playing victim, the reason she doesn’t want people at her site is because she doesn’t want the truth about her to come out, because then she can’t play like she is a poor pitiful person anymore. She uses this to get free things from others, even going as far to hide her age that she is in her thirty’s, and she wants others to have this false persona of her. She doesn’t want the truth.
1 2

The next blog is a lot of the same behavior that everyone has come to expect from her, playing the victim like she is a bad actress, lies like a river, and all the abuse that she gives everyone. Class A bully. The sad part is people fall for this, her lying, impersonating a younger age, that people care enough about her to spend their time bullying her, people just want her to stop bullying them, stop stalking them, stop harassing them, and leave them alone. Her act is old, she should be having a career not playing on the internet like she is a child, don’t people get arrested for that? Her stories are the same over and over, is this fun for her to play like she is a child, to pretend like she is still a student, to fool people? I think personal all her stories all lies. She also talks about blocking more countries from her site that aren’t the United States and Canada, again racist. She said it is because she can’t trust the people who helped her out, gave her their time, and free graphics, like that doesn’t even make sense, they should be blocking her not the other way around. People got tired of her walking all over them, it is her that can not be trusted.

So, making websites has never been her hobby, she just started making them so she could have an excuse to get free graphics, and that it would be easier for her to get them. If she actually cared about her website then she would make trustful blogs, learn photoshop, make content, and actually credit others not just steal.

Next is all the examples of her behavior that happened at DeviantART. These show that she blames other people for her own faults, she holds them responsible for herself, call the nice and wonderful artist rude names and saying gross statements towards them, even posting emojis that have obscene gestures. On another post an artist is displaying their work, nothing more than that. However, pim doesn’t see it that way and under her accounts xxmooniexoclove and beachgrlsc (the account she made to impersonate her older sister and to bully my friends and me). She mentions she has no care about stealing and is obviously willing to do it and she is rude and gross about it.
1 2 3

Then she posted her own deviation with “graphics” in order to harass Artist into making graphics for her and to try to bully them into going faster because she doesn’t think it is okay for her to wait. Then she does the same on their profile. She then blames others for her bad mood and her bad behavior, and one of the “graphics” had someone else’s signature on it, which proves she stole someone else’s art. It’s very pim of her, and all around gross.
1 2 3

Then she goes on to blame her bullying and harassment on others, trying to make them look bad, to make herself look like she is actually a decent persona when she is not. It just shows that she is a fake person who lies. She loves to make other people feel bad for her, probably in all the cases that I have seen is that she wants something from them. Then in one of the comments that she made there where she said that she has never had any problems at DeviantART before now is a big lie since she has done all of this before and that is why she had to make a new account, because she was called out on the old one and had to have it deleted.
1 2 3

Another deviation where she bullies and blames others for her own issues, saying people don’t want her to be happy unless they are her puppets and that it is unexpectable to have a life outside of her. Pure narcissism.

I included the google translation of the comment, but it shows her lying that no one helps her out, when everyone helps her out too much and she doesn’t deserve it. Pim got nasty when the artist put her in her place and told her about herself.
1 2

This is some of the other DA users’ experiences, research, and journals about pim, it backs up everything I have been saying. Make sure to read the comments below as well, one of the comments mentions that she gifts others with core/points on DA (which is an issue) so that they feel like they can’t turn her down when she demands things from them. I’m also including a link from about four years ago, from a user that was bullied by pim named Toasti, the contents of the journal was deleted but the comments have some of the information still, it’s a journal I was commenting on.
1 2 3 4 5 6

The screenshots that I have included below show her continuously trying to guilt trip others for not faving or commenting on the things that she posts, that is because she only posts for attention and her ego not because she likes art or design. She was written on my friend’s pages demanding a request from them, because icons are so important, cue eyeroll. Her trying to make feel bad or guilt trip them into spending their time on her when they shouldn’t. Also, so she could get free graphics when really she has been on the internet so long that she should know how to make her own graphics on photoshop by now. Then after she gets free graphics or art from them she starts being nasty to them. How childish.

Then pim post a Journal so she could make people feel bad for her in order to gain popularity, and at the same time hurting an artist for not making a request for her, trying to shame them. It’s literally so gross that she wants to make people feel bad for so that she can get attention, yet she has more interaction than many artists that are actually talented. There are two screenshots where pim harass the same artist twice because she doesn’t like the artist’s answer the first time, to her it was wrong. Then another where she begged her friend iciss nightly for a cored then deleted her account, it just shows how very selfish and self-centered she is.

Finally, from when she was a furry she admits to only joining the being a furry to get free art, and that she wasn’t getting it that she was quitting. Hmm, just like graphics, if she doesn’t get free stuff she doesn’t want to be there, because she doesn’t care about the community she only cares about her self.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

The following are just more of her blogs because I started this blog post about two or three months ago and then decided against it. I don’t like the drama. However, pim keep abusing and lying about others, and for some reason, she won’t stop. It’s just time to stand up to bullying, and her bullies like her. In the first blog, she lies and blames all her bad behavior on others, it honestly is nothing new. No one hurts her, that is what she does to everyone she meets and everyone in her life. As you can see from all the proof on this blog, all the negative things she said are really just a reflection of her self and no one else. She even blamed her old host for her own shortcomings, it’s so shameful that she got a site for free and she didn’t care she expected it. No one wants her dead, she wants her victims dead, she loves to put her thoughts and attacks on others, shameful. Very vindictive and gross of her. She is just looking for revenge because she can’t get free things anymore. Everyone wants her to leave them alone, and stop being a liar, but lying is the only thing that she is good at.

The following blog she talks horribly about her family, I feel so bad for them, because if she lies about everything else, then she would obviously be lying about her family also. I can’t and I don’t think anyone should trust anything she said. The third blog is just her proving what a liar and bully she is. She can’t keep her own story straight. The fourth blog is pim bashing others if you remember the other screenshots from the last forum, she asked for constructive criticism and she got it, the whole forum was so nice, too nice to her and now she is unhappy because they didn’t say what she wanted them to say. If she can’t handle constructive criticism then she shouldn’t ask for. This makes me glad that I denied her when she asked for constructive criticism from me, I already knew she couldn’t handle it, and she would be lying and bashing me way more than she does now.

The last one is her wishing for my death, and just being hateful and nasty. This is one of the reasons why I refuse to give up the things that I love like my site, art, graphics, etc anymore. I did it before because of her and I let his this bully push me out, not ever again! I will not let this horrible bully win.
1 2 3 4 5 6

Here is pim demanding graphics at wattpad, and then ignoring the rules of the artist, and disrespecting the artist.

Here’s where she is calling everyone else haters when it is only her, a comment that she deleted because it showed her true colors, and proof of her stalking.
1 2 3

The following are many artist beware’s about her.
From tumblr
1 2 3 4 5
From Bui
1 2
From Faded Aeterna
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
From Satin Heart
1 2 3 4 5 6
From Toxic Blush
1 2

More additional information about this person, she is 32 years old, born in 1986. This is confirmed by where she has gone to school and was supposed to graduate in 2005. Her High School. She also bullied user from DeviantART who she went to high school with, so that doesn’t support her I was bullied stories that I have to believe are made up.
The comments from DA
1 2 3 4

Fur Affinity is a big art site for furries that she was a member at before she was there, she was at first suspended but then it became permanent when she would get new accounts to evade the suspension. This is also why no one should ever accept any money transaction from her, she has been know to fraud and steals from her own grandmother, by stealing her credit card and buying things online. If you get anything from her it’s probably stolen. This is the type of thing people go to jail for? Why is she not in prison?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Of course, there is pim there trying to make people feel sorry for her, same story, same routine, same pattern, and same bully. Also a screenshot of her trying to get into someone else’s furry account while she was suspended there.
1 2

While I don’t have all the screenshots, I was placed on more than one of her hate list, along with the original creator of GFXResources forum named Kelly, this was after Kelly banned her from that forum, and she told me that everyone there thought that pim was a 12 year old boy.

I also have screenshots where she sold someone else’s icon from DeviantART, then she edits it with her name on it, and did not credit the artist, but claimed it as her own.
1 2

The whole situation is pretty sad on her side, and if this is enough I don’t know what will be. I just know that I am tired of this and so is everyone else who has been her victim. She has impersonated other people including the family she claims hurts her to get things she wants, she stole from many artist, including myself, she stole from her own grandmother, and she doesn’t feel bad about any of it or else she wouldn’t still be doing it. She lies, cheats, and steals at life. It’s really pretty gross and sad. The proof is there she enjoys being a bully, and harassing, hating, and stalking other people. I think this is all a game for her. :/


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Comments (18) »

Salya - May 3, 2019 @ 11:57 pm

Damn, I knew something was up with that girl back when she requested Art from me and icons. She liked the icons but she didn’t like my art for her. She didn’t say that her oc had something which I didn’t add that. Then I couldn’t do her oc’s shirt which she whined about that. So I don’t take requests from her anymore.

I wished I knew you 5 years ago, then again, I jumped sites a LOT back then. XD

Alaina - May 4, 2019 @ 12:42 am

I know I’m responding to this before I do your previous messages but I will get to those, too. I love how you take so much care with everything.

So this is important, for sure. There are some personas out there that have strange vibes and have made me feel pretty uncomfortable in the past.. Which I like having a small niche on the web for the autonomy, so when it feels like that is encroached upon it’s a big WTF.
I understand that there are probably some major mental issues behind some “accounts” but it can be a real sketchy situation for people to navigate.
This is good information to share because ultimately safety is paramount. People should have the ability to be on the web without being harassed. Plain and simple. This isn’t the dark web, we are essentially a small community of supporters of each other. From our rants to our aspirations to our hobbies.
I highly recommend getting a VPN if you don’t have one, and blocking known and ambiguous IPs.
I’m sorry you’ve been stalked, bullied, and made to feel uncomfortable. I support you!

Nancy - May 4, 2019 @ 1:51 am

I can’t believe how much history there is behind Pim’s shenanigans. The messages she posts has a lot of self-pity and she’s so rude to people. Honestly, people are better off ignoring her because the “sad faces” and stuff won’t cut it. Some people love to play victim and it might be easy to fool others because they only get one side of the story. Considering how she’s living under her family’s roof, it doesn’t hurt to be grateful or something. Hopefully, she won’t go around and infest people’s site with her crap.

Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

Lovely - May 4, 2019 @ 5:02 am

Sorry to hear that she was deceitful with her apology. Some people will always try and take advantage of other peoples good nature. My advice would be to stay away from them.


Roma - May 4, 2019 @ 1:18 pm

ive had many conversations with pim and i once hosted her, i know what our communication was like and how it made me feel. really disturbing reading thats its been going on for so long.

Brandi - May 4, 2019 @ 3:09 pm

I know of Pim a while back from the anime community before. I thought she just toned down, but i guess she ventured to other communities to mess with I suppose? I am sorry that this happened to you. Stay strong!

Dee - May 4, 2019 @ 5:51 pm

I have had Pim on my blogroll and spoke to her many times. I had no idea about all of this! I recall that she complained to me about people hurting her and harassing her. Sounds like she is the one doing it to other people. I hope she stops this behavior and maybe even gets some help. This sounds like such a headache. So sorry you’ve had to deal with this!

Michelle - May 5, 2019 @ 7:22 am

Jesus. Pim is just infuriating. I’ve never met anyone quite like her (including my own mother) and honestly, she isn’t worth the trouble or aggravation of befriending. I just plain out ignore her. I wish she was a better person but she isn’t.

Lucien - May 5, 2019 @ 4:18 pm

Man, I can’t believe Pim is back at her old shenanigans. It’s been a few years since the last bout of drama she caused, so I thought (mostly hoped) she had finally grown up….but I guess some people never do. :/
Keep your head held high, you’re a great person. <3

Sophie - May 5, 2019 @ 5:21 pm

So sorry to hear about this and her awful apology. I feel like some people deserve the benefit of the doubt at least once but with a track record like that she definitely isn’t worth the hassle! x


Anya Dryagina - May 5, 2019 @ 10:33 pm

It was really interesting! I would like to read more of these cool posts!

Lien - May 6, 2019 @ 11:06 am

I’m glad you made a post about this.
Pim is the reason I got tired of having my own website.

Back then I opened my website to get back into blogging and graphic making again after a really long break from it.
I just wanted a little place to let my creativity out in a way!?
Then she came along and did all these things… requesting, being ungrateful… even telling me how much time i should be investing in my website and to close it down if I’m too busy with other things. She too did talk shit about me repeatedly on her blog.
I left again shortly after because I didn’t want more stress and drama in my life.
It just wasn’t worth it for me.
A while later I joined the team over at Aphelion and put my graphics there until she had the guts to just take one of my headers that I put on there for free, and made it into icon size without having asked for permission. It was obviously to tick me off because she was mad at me too. I snapped and deleted all my things on there and left again. Told her Later on to delete everything I made for her as well, she was whiny at first but did it, luckily. Haven’t talked to her since then and I’m feeling so much better.
I hope more people will read this and dont get hurt by her and her actions anymore.

Tiffany Administrator - May 6, 2019 @ 6:17 pm

The same thing happened to me Lien, I really love my site and I stayed away from it from a long time because of her actions, I just refuse to do that any longer.

Carolyn - May 6, 2019 @ 10:14 pm

Oh wow, I remember her. For a while she was on my blogroll. She went on my website requesting free avatars. As a general rule of thumb I only do paid work through my website, but I didn’t want to turn her down. I honestly felt bad about charging because I thought she was a young girl, like around 14-15. I remember her really being in a rush for me to get it done, as well. She even tracked me down on Facebook. I did not know her track record and I’m sorry to hear about all this.

Monay - May 7, 2019 @ 2:09 pm

Wow.. I knew it. My first encounter with Pim was about 2 years back. She found her way to this forum I joined back in like 2012 called BBS Reloaded. We had like thousands of graphic designers. She was going around & requesting like crazy. The first time she requested in my (what we called it then) “Graphics Shop” I had given birth to my first child, therefore had to take a break. She started with the comments under my shop thread, to (as we also called it then lol) “Bump up the shop” and of course I got the notification by email every time she did it. Mind you, I made this public service announcement to EVERYONE so she was aware of my hiatus since having just gave birth.\

She replied that she understood, and there after the constant harrassment in the thread started. So I ignored it, then she started sending Private Messages. From there I replied once, reminding her that I was currently on a hiatus because of personal problems. She reinterated that she understood & could wait. Of course, she lied. So rewind some time down the road, I got a website called auevolve.co.cc, she somehow found me there & of course sent an email that she remembered me, of course I replied. Some time after, she tells me that she wanted me to make her a header for her website, and I did so. In fact, I made her 3 headers! She used all three, and in literally less than a month she was back with another request. Since then shes found me on multiple forums, even those like B5/Audio(Boy band, which I’m sure she doesn’t know anything about) and was still requesting. She even went so far as to constantly request then tell other designers that I “recommended them”. She got into online arguments with about 4 of my other online friends.

So fast forward to about 2 years ago, I’m back into graphic design, around this time I’m with a fansite host for Love Dust, she’s found me AGAIN. She’s leaving comments in the CBox, so of course I reply. Then she constantly asks when I’m taking requests again. So from then up until now, shes asked me just about a couple dozen times. I’ve ignored her every time, it’s irritating & annoying. So I am so sorry that you’ve endured this as long as you did.. She should really be ashamed of herself. How old is she anyway? It’s gotten out of hand.

Amanda - May 9, 2019 @ 7:31 pm

So sorry this is happening to you and others. She needs to grow up.

Amina - May 19, 2019 @ 7:02 am

It’s so funny to me how Pim is still doing this after so many years. I have had problems with her starting from 2014, same old thing, requests and slander. Thankfully she has been ignoring me and so am I. I also find it so funny how you can clearly tell that she just copy pasted a random apology template in her email to you because the sentences actually made sense and had a normal punctuation which doesn’t look like that of a ten year old. There were times when i felt bad about her shitty life, she really does seem like she didn’t accomplish anything and will probably cease to do so in the future as well, seeing that she’s 32, never had a relationship, still lives with her family and has no job. I don’t even know what to say at this point… I really dont know how anyone would want to have a life like that and I truly hope she can get the psychological help she clearly needs to become a functional member of society. Should really be ashamed of herself, but she lacks self awareness.

Rose - May 21, 2019 @ 10:40 pm

Wow I just saw this. So Pim is being s rude little person again. I’m sad at the fact that she’s my age and acting worse that a child. I wonder if now she will go away.

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