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Posted on Tuesday, Dec. 18th 2018 9:07 PM | by Tiffany

I think that you all know what I mean, we all have that one family member that constantly screws up and does it on purpose. I won’t call them the black sheep, because let’s be honest here, that’s me. It’s the same cousin that I blogged about a month or two ago. You can love someone and want what is best for them until you are blue in the face but unless they want help and want to accept what they can get.

She has had a hard time, but she was the one growing up that everyone said everything she did was a phase, but that phase never ended. She still lies, she still steals, she still does everything she did in middle school and high school, plus reckless driving, and drugs. She has drug dealers coming to her house where she puts her little sister in danger because she owes these dealers money.

Her little sister had to put a deadbolt on her room so that my cousin wouldn’t steal from her anymore, and come in then trash her room while she is high. I don’t understand why she is still allowed to put her little sister in danger like that. I just don’t get why the one who is still a child is not considered a priority, especially when she is asking to not be around that. She even said she doesn’t trust her older sister anymore, but she still has to live with her.

Just last night my cousin got caught shoplifting from a Walmart, this isn’t the first time she shoplifted from that same Walmart. That isn’t even the first time she has shoplifted, or stolen. Her friend and she stole her friend’s grandma (money for medication) in middle school, a group of friends stole from a mall and got banned in high school more than once, she stole from some malls with another piece of a crap friend a year or two ago. That is only what she got caught doing.

She has had tickets for going 50 over the speed limit so many times, she drives without insurance, drives without a license, drives under the influence, drives recklessly, crashes, etc. I have to wonder why her license hasn’t been suspended, but she keeps getting off on everything. Even after there was a warrant out for her arrested because she decided she didn’t want to go to court last year.

This is the same person who refuses to get help, go to therapy, or see a psychiatrist like she really needs to. She thinks that it’s fake and that they are just trying to pump her full of drugs, yet she is taking drugs she isn’t supposed to take, but she doesn’t like rehab anyways, because then she won’t be a bird anymore. Whatever, the fuck that means. My cousin’s mother also doesn’t believe getting help, she would rather her daughter pull herself up by her bootstraps. It doesn’t make much sense.

Not only all this, but she has lied and threatened her own family members, she told them if I am going down so are you, because she is a hateful person, and she refuses to care about what her criminal activity and drug use is doing to her family. She lies about them giving her drugs so that, she can not only ruin her life but everyone else’s also. She doesn’t care either, it’s like it’s fun for her, and she wants to hurt everyone else.

The bad part is everytime she gets in trouble she gets bailed out, so my cousin knows that no matter what she does she will get out of it, heck the bails bonds place gave her dad a discount because of how many times he has used them. Why would someone care if they can get out of everything?

It just sucks when you wish you could help someone, but also be so upset about how they hurt the rest of your family at the same time.

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