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by • 09/17/2019 • (6) Comments • in Blogging

So, I promised a follow up to the last blog I posted last week, so here we are. So, we head out of state to help my mom and little sisters move. By the time we got there, I was so tired and on the way there I was getting a headache. It definitely wasn’t my ideal weekend but you do what you have to do, especially for the people you love.

So SB (Thanks for the abbreviation, Kenny! I didn’t even think about shorting Spoiled Brat tbh) didn’t show up, like first of all thank god, but I was actually really surprised about that. Since she is the type to rub the fact that she stole so much from my mom and little sisters in their faces, and because she really is a nasty person who gets off on hurting everyone in her life. I’m guessing she was either too lazy to show up or someone else made her stay away. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t have to see her.

I knew my mom was a hoarder, but nothing could have prepared me for everything. I knew it was going to be bad, but omg it was so much worst. We worked forever if we would have known how bad it was exactly we would have planned better, and got more time off, but it was all last minute. That wasn’t anything that anyone in the family could have controlled, we just had to deal with it. But goodness, the hoarding, so much stuff. My mom and oldest little sister (OLS) will keep trash if you let them, but OLS wasn’t there but twenty minutes even though a lot of her things were still in the house. My mom was trying to keep a lot of our old toys, and they had dead spiders and mold on them, but you can’t convince her that she doesn’t need it.

So, a lot of junk was packed, and that is me being nice about it. My youngest little sister (YLS) was at college, which she would have helped if she could but college is more important, and everyone wants that for her. (I got to go in her room lol!)

After a few hours, was getting so hangry lol. I packed some vegan fried rice that I made, because if I go anywhere longer than a few hours I have to bring food because I don’t always know if there is an accessible vegan option, or just because there is an option doesn’t mean I will like it. So, I ate that but because of the heat, the sun, and the fact that I got sunburnt, I was already getting a headache. I know someone pointed out that I was red, but I don’t think I really realized that I was actually sunburnt until later, I didn’t feel like I was in the sun that much but apparently, I was, not that it would have taken long with how pale I am. I just don’t spend that much time in the sun so I always feel like I am about to burn so yeah. This is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of the show though.

If anything this whole thing was drama-free so that was really nice, well except for when OLS and mom fought but sadly that was pretty normal in this family. My uncle had some funny jokes though, at my mom expense not that we said them in front of her, of course, that would hurt her feelings. I asked my uncle when we should sign my mom up for hoarders the show, and he said a month ago. Then when we were getting my mom’s clothes out the house he said he has everything she has ever owned from high school, which is honestly probably true. Like I get my mom’s hoarding her mom was burned to the ground as a child and she lost everything, and her mom took things away from her for no reason a lot, then my YLS’s dad burnt a lot of the things my mom owned, so I know it is because she is afraid of losing things. I know because I have the same feelings sometimes that I have to push myself through, I got my hoarding from her for sure, and having my home flood twice doesn’t help it that, so I am always having to force myself to throw or donate things away to keep myself in check. So, I know it’s not easy but it’s hard to watch your loved one go through this. OLS is the same, she just as of a Hoarder as our mom is, and I would never say this to them but they are exactly the same.

In good news, we stopped back at the Moe’s that we stopped at last time coming back home and No crazy bitch ate off my plate this time, so that was a relief. lol


I am a millennial female and proud of it! From the state that's called the armpit of the south and the sunshine state. I'm a wannabe writer and artist, who likes blogging, and anything DYI. Is fandom trash and lives to ship fictional characters together. Favorite fruit is lemon, loves veggie sushi, and I am always carb loading.

"We are all earthlings." -Joaquin Phoenix (Earthlings, 2005)

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deidreriley - September 17, 2019 @ 10:34 pm

That sounds like an intense day! You made it through though and SB wasn’t there to add to the stress, which is good. 😛 My grandfather was a hoarder when he was alive. I remember that he never threw a newspaper out and he had piles upon piles of newspapers. Its definitely a stressful thing to deal with!

Kinga K. - September 21, 2019 @ 6:05 pm

Good post!

glowsteady - September 22, 2019 @ 5:44 pm

At least it was drama free! Sorting through that much stuff sounds like a tough day x

Lovely - September 24, 2019 @ 1:26 am

Good to hear you got things done without all the drama although it was an intense day.


ThatAutisticFitChick - September 24, 2019 @ 8:21 am

Glad you had your vegan fried rice with you to refuel.
We have the hoarding genes in our family too – and I’m not sure why that is because none of us have ever been in a position where we lost everything, but we weren’t allowed to throw things out as children, everything was washed up and kept.
I’ve improved I think as an adult; especially after moving from a 2 bed trailer to a small room in my parents house. I still buy things I don’t need because they are cute trinkets, but I frequently go through and throw things out or donate to charity.

Nancy - September 29, 2019 @ 1:37 pm

Oh man, I hate it when people don’t show up to help when it is their responsibility too. It is good that you helped clean out the house. Same with the experience being drama-free. Glad things worked out in this situation.

Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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