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Love Is Zero – Why your MLM is a Cult

Why your MLM is a Cult

Posted on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd 2018 12:45 PM | by Tiffany

If you would like a good way to put yourself into debt and alienate everyone you know then you should join an MLM and screw up your life. MLM stands for multi-level marketing aka a pyramid scheme, there is nothing worse than seeing your friends and family get sucked into one of the many cults that they are.

You may think that by me comparing MLMs to cults that I am being dramatic or that this is really off, but it really isn’t.

This is a list called “10 Signs You’re Probably In A Cult” by by Medium

The leader is the ultimate authority.
If you’re not allowed to criticize your leader, even if the criticism is true, you’re probably in a cult.
**Comparing it to MLM
When you state facts about MLMs than your just called a hater who wants them to fail.
Mo*** who sues anyone who shares facts about their products the 11 class action lawsuits against them, and how people came out losing their hair, and health issues from their products they are called haters for questioning the company. Not to mention when you mention all the unnatural ingredients, harmful ingredients, and toxic they tell you that you’ll lie. You can you tell them the actual facts about essential oils because you actually worked with them, but they choose to believe a dying guy who killed his own baby.

  1. The group suppresses skepticism
    If you’re only allowed to study your organization through approved sources, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    You see this all the time they will not look at source or fact check anything that is said like one of the sites has they another site called the truth about MLM name so that they can prove they are right, but all that it proves is that they are desperate. This same MLM lies about being tested by Harvard and approved by the FDA (which is on their site) and if you say that your lying. Also, so many of these members believe that they are told by their leaders so much that they won’t look to see that they MLM claiming they are vegan or cruel free and supposedly are leaping bunny certified aren’t.

  2. The group delegitimizes former members
    If you can’t think of a legitimate reason for leaving your group, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    This happens all the time, when former members of MLM speak out about the facts and truths of them they get shammed, attacked and lied about. You hear it all the time So and so left because they couldn’t hack it, and they are too lazy, they didn’t work hard enough, and they weren’t good enough. Just a bunch of bullshit.

  3. The group is paranoid about the outside world
    If your group insists the end of the world is near, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    Literally, an MLM they talk about how if your not in one you don’t ‘get it’, or how mainstream products are evil and out to destroy us, the same thing they say about vaccines, doctors, and normal humans.

  4. The group relies on shame cycles
    If you need your group in order to feel worthy, loved, or sufficient, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    This is them for sure. They make you feel like they are doing so much better than they are in order to get you to sign up for them to help them make money, once in they shame you for not selling enough. That way when you feel like you recruited or sold enough you might get that slight worthy feeling until your told you can do better.

  5. The leader is above the law
    If you’re held to a different moral standard, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    You have leaders in MLM who are not knowledgeable about their industries or their products, they give out advice about beauty products, essential oils, or health advice when they should never be in the first place, and people listen and follow it because they are brainwashed. One of the leaders of young living claims to be a doctor when he never was and doesn’t know the first thing about essential oils. You have Beachbody and itworks giving mental and health advice when they never been trained to do so and are putting peoples lives in danger.

  6. The group uses “thought reform” methods
    If your serious questions are answered with cliches, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    All the sellers in these MLMs are told how to act, you must do this, you must do that, and when they get a bit of doubt they are told to trust the product and their leaders and then shamed for the doubt that they had. So, it makes them think twice for doubting in the first place. If that doesn’t scream cult, I don’t know what does.

  7. The group is elitist
    If your group is the solution for all the world’s problems, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    This is literally all MLMs to a T. They prey on people without jobs, with disabilities, stay at home moms, etc then they tell you this can solve all your problems and you can make thousands of dollars everyday. They don’t mention the only people making money is at the top of the pyramid, your only losing money, and the respect of your family and friends if they are sticking around for you to look at them as buyers and not as family and friends.

  8. There is no financial transparency
    If you’re not allowed to know what the group does with their money, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    This is one is funny because they tell you they donate to charities and great causes but they don’t tell you how much. Then the sellers do charities on their own people buy from them thinking that the cause will be getting the money but that is never true. If you see someone who is trying to do a charity on the behalf of someone and they are in an MLM just know they are getting your money, not the charity.

  9. They encourage you to cut off family and friends
    If you are encouraged to cut off family and friends who don’t buy from you or prove you with facts, you’re probably in a cult.
    **Comparing it to MLM
    You see it all the time upper telling their sellers to hold out on sex if their significant other isn’t supportive or talks about how the scheme is losing them money or upset their friends until they are cut off because they won’t be a buyer only a friend. This is one of the biggest, hello this is a cult sign.

I think my comparison is right on.

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