Thirty things you didn’t want to know

Posted on Tuesday, Sep. 11th 2018 2:58 AM | by Tiffany

Thirty things that you don’t know about me/my life. I got this idea from another fanfiction/published author that I am a fan, so credit due to Keira Marcos.

  • I didn’t know how to cook until I went vegan.
  • As a teen I was told that I should be flattered that someone older than supposedly hotter was flirting and harassing me even though I didn’t encourage it, and I said no. I knew that it always felt wrong to me, but now I know how I felt was valid. That my no should have been enough.

  • I have been stalked by two different men.
  • I have been to eight different countries.
  • I was in a drum corp that was seventh in the world in our division.
  • I get along with people younger than me much more than people my age or older. The Z Gen is much more accepting and open-minded, and they can listen to what you say disagree without calling others names. Generally, of course.
  • In elementary school our milk was served in plastic bags. They always had holes.
  • My old manager and I went to the same elementary school. To make that interesting, we both lived in a small town that had two elementary schools, but we went to the same one in a big city that has 72 elementary schools.
  • It was always fun for me as a kid to go through my parents’ things, for no other reason than I was a snoopy kid.
  • I hate math.
  • I believe in steroids, they saved my life.
  • I am childfree by choice.
  • Most of my family is republicans, trump fans, who believe in conspiracies and being anti-vaxxer. It’s sad.
  • I used to live in Japan.
  • Working in retail has made me dislike most people.
  • I am very clumsy.
  • Before I went vegan I said that I could never do that because of cheese, but here I am now.
  • I have my dad’s body type.
  • I talked someone out of voting for trump.
  • I don’t like being touched.
  • I gave up soda in Janurary.
  • I write and type very slow.
  • I love leggings and skinny jeans.
  • I’ve been stung by a jelly fish.
  • I perfer texing to talking, in fact I have texted people in the same room as me.
  • I played the trumpet in high school.
  • I never told him but my high school 9th grade english teacher/assistant band director inspired me and encouraged me, and I can never thank him enough for that.
  • I hate crowds.
  • I have one pair of shoes and one pair sandals.
  • I have never done drugs.
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