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Love Is Zero – Recipes

Archive for the 'Recipes' Category

I’ve started making my own recipes for things, some which need to be actually written down. Everything will be vegan, and it’s something I want to share since vegan food is much more creative and imaginative, it has to be it’s all plants. Also, I want to show how easy it is, and to normalizing veganism and making it more approachable. Showing how inclusive the movement can be, and should be. Also that a lot of beliefs about vegans are fallacy.

Miso Soup

Nov. 27th 2018

How to make Miso Soup
This recipe is more something I decided to make out of what I had already, typically I would use tofu, scallions (also known as green or spring onions), fresh ginger, and fresh garlic. However, I didn’t have any of that, but I still wanted a miso soup, so this is what I came up with. This recipe is very forgiving, you can easily replace what you don’t like or add to it.

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Vegan Dirty Rice

May. 30th 2018

How to make Vegan Dirty Rice
This recipe I did better, I have half the measurements, so I will give a rough estimate on the rest.

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Cantaloupe Burger

May. 30th 2018

How to make Cantaloupe Burger
Just like the other recipe I did not measure the ingredients, there isn’t much to it, it more about using large amounts of the ingredients. I will try to roughly estimate the amount that I used.

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Vegan Sliders

May. 30th 2018

How to make Vegan Sliders
So, one of the problems is when I make things is I do not measure the ingredients and this one I didn’t really decide to make this a recipe until after I made the recipe. When I was making this I was kind of using what I had left over in terms of ingredients, so really it’s easy to customize. This also easily makes enough for a group. I am putting in roughly the amount I think I used in ( ).

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