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Hello world!

Feb. 6th 2019

Hey Everyone! I broke something in my site and how I have to re-fix everything. Please bear with me. Everything was deleted from the database, so it all has to be manually put back, which is fine I was planning on doing a redesign of all the pages anyway.

All blog post are back up
All graphic pages & graphics are back
*headers is a new graphic page/section
*graphics on current pages have been updated with new graphics.
The art page & all art + new art is up
All wordpress themes are back
Current theme back up
Recipe section is up

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The Graphic Games

Dec. 22nd 2018

Now, this isn’t really a blog, which is why it isn’t happening on Tuesday. I wanted to let my affiliates and visitors about a forum that I am staff at, and it really a great community and environment to grow in graphics and be in an environment that is positive. There are promotions, challenges, events, and so much more.

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